Global Reporting Format

Update: Due to to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated challenges the aviation industry is facing, ICAO has delayed the implementation date of the GRF from 5 November 2020 to 4 November 2021. This has gives airport operators more time to prepare, get compliant and train their staff.


In 2015 ICAO introduced the Global Reporting Format (GRF) for Runway Condition Reporting (RCR). Over the past years ICAO has been communicating with all member states on this topic to solicit feedback and create awareness. With less than one year to go to the globally set implementation date of 4 November 2021, the focus is now on urging airports and regulators to start the preparations for implementation.

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The objective of the GRF is to reduce the number of runway excursions due to contaminants on the runway, such as water, snow and ice. GRF is meant to reduce the risk of runway excursions by standardising the manner of reporting runway surface conditions. Runway excursions only lead to fatalities in few cases. However, in all cases an excursion leads to significant material damage, severe loss of revenues due to delays and diversions, and a dented reputation for the parties involved.
With a standardised report, aircraft performance during take-off and landing can be determined accurately. The format for the Runway Condition Report will be a data string that can be communicated through (D)ATIS and as such can be accessed by the aircrew during preparation for landing or departure. The standard format has been predefined and shall include contaminant information for each 1/3rd of the runway.

6 steps to get your airport GRF ready

At NACO, we have been monitoring the developments around the GRF and have developed proactive approaches for supporting airports as they adopt and work with the new reporting format. Complying with the new regulations for reporting may seem daunting at first. For this reason, we have identified the 6 most important steps airports can start taking today to prepare themselves for the global implementation on 4 November 2021.
In a short whitepaper, we will take you through the 6 key steps you can start taking from today in preparation for the GRF.

Download the whitepaper ‘Your 6 Step Guide to preparing for the GRF

For more information on GRF visit the ICAO website: