Runway Condition Report

Generating an accurate RCR requires a good understanding of the ICAO requirements (training), taking measurements on the runway during adverse weather conditions (manpower and tools), generating the RCR (manpower) and issuing to Airport Information Services/Air Traffic Control (communication system). Airport Information Services are generally responsible for providing information about the runway in use and the conditions that prevail to flight crews. Publishing the RCR will become part of this.

From many interviews with airport operators, air traffic controllers and pilots and by NACO field research, we learnt that manually measuring contamination in various locations on 2 to 4 km long runways is an arduous task, especially under adverse weather conditions. It is difficult, potentially unsafe for the inspector, inaccurate and requires extended closure of the runway of up to half an hour per inspection. Especially during rain, such inspection closures will increase delays that occur during such weather. By the time the RCR is being filed and available to flight crews, the report is likely outdated.

NACO has developed the RCR-Tool© to automate the generation of the Runway Condition Report. The solution uses software simulation of the runway condition, based on a 3D model of the runway and real time weather data. This tool has the following benefits over manual measurements carried out by skilled inspectors, outside on the runway:

Runway Condition Reporting Platform
    Reduces the risk of runway excursions due to automated real-time runway assessments; reduces exposure of inspectors to adverse weather.
    Automated runway assessment eliminates or reduces runway closures for inspection, leading to higher runway availability.
    Detailed real-time insights into runway condition and the ability to forecast
    System easy to install, simple to use, low maintenance.
    Automation allows for less inspections, meaning less runway closures and less inspectors.
    With the RCR Platform we help your airport be compliant with ICAO’s Global Reporting Format.

We have developed a demo version of our RCR-Tool© that can easily be set up for your airport . This provides good insights in what the tool can do for you. Feel free to contact us for a demo.